IWM Leading Diagonal

Back in May, I mentioned that the stock market finally ended its uptrend. I am still bearish the stock market, and my hypothesis is that it will not make a new trend high before making a new trend low. Currently, I really like the bearish pattern on IWM.


Let’s review the Elliot waves. From the 2007 high, there was a fairly clear 5-wave decline into the March 2009 low. This was followed by a fairly clear 7-wave rally (abc-x-abc) into the April 2010 high, which is corrective. I first mentioned this count near the April high.

When I counted 7-waves up for the corrective rally from the March 2009 lows, I expected to see an impulsive selloff to confirm that the long-term downtrend would resume. I believe we have seen this, as the first leg down since April 2010 was a leading diagonal with 5 overlapping waves. You can see that the leading diagonal was halted at a long-term support line, and since then we’ve had a 3-wave rally. Also, notice that volume has been substantially above average on the declines, and below average on the rallies. This looks like distribution to me.

Thus, at the point, I would expect the market to turn over soon and start heading down. The next decline should be a brutal 3rd wave.

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