Gold shall tank soon.

I last discussed Gold a month ago, and thought that if price broke above $1,250, I’d be wrong about Gold reversing. However, gold has tried to break above $1,250 several times now, and failed. I think the next big surprise in gold will be to the downside.


Notice Gold’s daily chart above. First, there is a 5-wave progression from the 1040 low set on Feb 5, 2010. 5-waves are usually followed by reversal. Second, Wave-V from 1040 looks to be forming as an ending diagonal, which as you know, reverses strongly. Third, notice the MACD divergence with price. And forth, notice the declining volume as gold is “breaking out” to new highs with bullish sentiment. Volume should be increasing sharply if this breakout were real.

I think all these factors should lead to a sharp decline in the price of gold in the near future.

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agree with you.