EUR/USD Long Trade (Update)

Update of trade from 2/24/08, @ 8:44am CST on 2/27/08:

I closed out the long trade a few minutes ago for +193 pips profit @ 1.5083. I was probably jumping the gun a little bit, but I feel like the pair has gone up too far, too fast.

Retail traders went long on the break of 1.5000, which is not what I wanted to see. Also, an upside target for a triangle breakout is sometimes equal to WaveE + [triangle height]. This would be at 1.5094. So far, price has hit 1.5105. Finally, there is 5-waves up from 1.4776 along with MACD- and RSI-divergence.

I may look to get back in later depending on whether price corrects in 3-waves or not. Either way, I will try to be patient, because I have found that making trades immediately after a nice gain usually ends up in losses.

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