On the Razor’s Edge

As you may know, I’ve been bearish precious metals for some time. Recently, I shorted silver as it spiked to $29/oz, and took a quick profit. I mentioned that silver could make further new highs, but any additional upside was to be shorted. I maintain that stance, and believe that metals are hanging on the edge.


First take a look at the Gold chart above. For the past 2 years, gold has been a perfect, no-lose investment, capping a 10-year streak of straight gains. However, if you look carefully at the wave structure, it’s apparent that the uptrend is nearly complete, and signs of exhaustion are showing. Gold is still making new highs, but recently it has been carving out an Ending Diagonal, which will reverse violently. I expect one more test to 1430-1445 before a trend change.


Another factor that makes me believe metals will soon drop substantially is the fact that silver recently consolidated in a triangle (see chart above), and has now broken out to the upside. Triangles often precede the final thrust in an uptrend before the trend reverses (you can see many examples of this phenomenon that I have highlighted on this blog). Furthermore, volume has been down-trending as silver makes new highs, and MACD divergence is ominous. If silver reaches $31.66, I will be buying a Put for a sharp decline.

If you believe that metals are a one-way train because they are  “real money”, and because the Fed is printing trillions of dollars, consider this: money is backed by debt, so the money supply can only multiply and expand if people borrow the money that the fed is supplying to the system. Out of the three major sources of borrowing (government, consumers, businesses), two are slowing down, or will be forced to slow down in the near future. No new debt = slow money supply growth = slow inflation. Food for thought.

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