Out of Nov SLV puts, still bearish

As you know, I went short SLV via some Nov puts yesterday. This proved to be very timely, as silver did collapse from being up 4-5% to being down 3-4%! I took a very nice profit this morning, since I don’t want to risk SLV forming a base up here, leaving my Nov puts high and dry. However, longer term, SLV could be near a top.


Notice on the daily chart above that SLV had a MASSIVE reversal bar on record volume (by far)! However, given how obvious this reversal is, it may have one more rally to go (see wave count). This would once again squeeze the early bears, and reset bullish sentiment.

If we did get one more high, I would short it again. And even now I remain bearish silver medium-term. But because I had short term Nov puts, I decided to take my nice profits. I am still short via less-leveraged instruments.

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