Is NEP already buying more drill rigs?

In my previous post, my 2010 projection for NEP, I based my revenue projections for newly acquired Tiancheng Drilling on the assumption that the company was going to operate 7 rigs for the duration of 2010. In figured this made sense to be conservative even if NEP bought more rigs at some point during the year.

I've been looking through the 10-Q again as I work on my long term projections and I noticed that on Sept 30th 2009 the company showed prepaid expenses for:
Deposits paid for puchase of drilling equipment $3,363,753

I can't think of any scenario other then Tiancheng had already contracted to purchase more drill rigs. I have no idea how much one of these would cost, but based on the $12mil in fixed assets they gained buying Tiancheng, I'm guessing a Rig costs anywhere from $1.5-2mil. In this case its possible that NEP is buying 2 or 3 more rigs, assuming a 33-50% prepayment.

Any thoughts or further information on this?

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