USD/CAD Short – 700 pips profit potential

I'm going short USD/CAD around 1.4060-1.4250. Will exit on 2 daily closes above 4250. Target is 1.3500.

On the monthly chart above, note the confluence of several trend lines. Also note the Elliot Wave count which is pretty clearly indicating a completion of a 5-wave cycle within the larger wave 3.

On the daily chart, you can see that price is hitting the confluence of two different-degree channel trendlines. Also, you can see the fractal breakdown of wave-v from the Monthly chart.

If price manages to close above 1.4250 2-3 times (i.e. daily closes above the channel trendlines), I will exit. There could be a strong intraday rally above this level as price overthrows the channel in a final burst, but it should quickly reverse and close within the bounds of the lines. The target is demarked in red, around 1.3500.

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