Flat on EUR/USD

I am currently out of the EUR/USD and plan to avoid trading it for a for weeks/months. I am not sure what it will do going forward, but my bias is slightly bullish. If EUR/USD does happen to rally to 1.35-1.40, I will at that point look to re-initiate a short position.


You can see in the chart above that the EUR/USD did respect the trendline resistance I wrote about at the end of July. However, the selloff was very sharp, and a little too “obvious” in my opinion; i.e. anyone observing would now assume that the downtrend is back in full force. I think it will take some more time to neutralize the bearish EUR sentiment, so it would not surprise me to see a rally to 1.35-1.40. Either way, I have no risk on EUR/USD at the moment, so I don’t whatever happens.

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