Taking a Bet with NEP

Back in Jan, 2010, when NEP was rising exponentially, I made several posts clearly explaining that price would soon top, and that it would start a downtrend and poor returns going forward. I think NEP’s intrinsic value is between $9.70 and $13 (using 24% or 15% discount rate, respectively) so today I’m taking a risk and purchasing some shares into the recent downtrend, with a stop @ 4.77.


You can see on the 3y daily chart above that there is a very long-term trendline which has supported price action ever since it broke higher with the news that it was uplisted to AMEX. By going long here, I’m betting that the trend will continue, and that NEP’s management will get its s*hit together and correct the company’s financial statements! Regardless of what happens, though, if price breaks below the trendline and goes below 4.75, I’ll take a loss and stop myself out, as this would indicate a longer-term trend reversal.

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