Interesting formation on QQQQ

I last wrote about the overall market here. As you can see, since then the market has not made very much overall progress. Today, I noticed an interesting pattern on the QQQQ ETF that tells me that this could be a terminal thrust in this rally.

122309_qqqq_weeklyAbove is the weekly chart of QQQQ highlighting my Elliot Wave count. I believe that the rally we’ve seen in 2009 is actually a triple-zigzag, a corrective move. I’ve come to this conclusion because there are no clear 5-wave moves in this rally; rather what I see is a collection of 3-wave moves that overlap significantly. Also, notice that volume has been dropping, and MACD is nearly curling over. Finally, notice that price is back-testing the uptrend line that it broke back in October.

122309_qqqq_daily The short term picture tells me that we’re nearing the end of this holiday rally. Notice that QQQQ consolidated in a very clear triangle before breaking out this past week. As I’ve mentioned many times before, triangles are normally patterns that precede the terminal thrust. Often, price will go up an amount equal to the height of the triangle. This projects a high of 45.62, where we are right now. Be careful if you’re long and complacent.

Happy holidays!


The Hook said...

Thots here on the Q's? Thanks

Narayana said...

same as before.

The Hook said...

Does this conflict/not with the dollar correction -- perhaps not since the Q's rallied with the dollar.

Narayana said...

I'm not sure what will happen with the dollar/market correlation.